Construction Week 8 | Bauwoche 8

The construction of the HDU is slowly coming to an end. In the eighth and thus penultimate week of construction in Reuthe, Vorarlberg, work has been in full swing. In addition to minor roof work, the wooden façade has now taken its final shape. In addition to the electronics, work on the interior has also progressed significantly. In addition to the plaster work, the attached felt panels form a pleasantly light room finish. For the coming final week in Reuthe, before it goes to Wuppertal for assembly, the remaining finishing work as well as the technical elements have to be completed. In addition to the still missing balcony, the blue truck tarpaulins on the façade are to receive their final finishing touches with Venyl foil cut details.  Finally, it is time to prepare the modular building for its journey to Wuppertal.