RoofKIT wins 2nd in OOC category “German Sustainable Housing”

Der central association of the German housing industry (GdW) will present the German Sustainable Housing Award – i.e. the prize for sustainable construction and housing in the city – on 16 July 2022. These criteria are in the foreground for selecting the winning projects: quality of the floor plans, expected practical energy efficiency, urban planning quality and suitability for serial or modular construction and refurbishment.

‘the housing industry is enthusiastic about the solar decathlon europe 21/22 as a student competition for sustainable building and living in the city. we are looking forward to fresh ideas and, in particular, at affordable climate protection.’
Axel Gedaschko, President of the central association of the German housing industry (GdW)

RoofKIT is very pleased to receive this award, which encompasses many disciplines of design and execution.

Award Ceremony: 23 June 2022

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