Construction Week 3 | Bauwoche 3

In our week, the majority of the parts came together! After filling the final roof elements with Neptutherm, we could finally add it tot he whole HDU and do a roofing ceremony! Afterwards we added clamping seals in between the wooden frame and the window/door frames to wind proof the construction. It was a lenghty but fun process to handle these „pool noodles“! Some of us worked on the truss system, adding tongue and groove to old reclaimed wood beams and marrying them with new wood beams. It was quite satisfying to watch the angled connections smoothly glide into each other. The others cladded the interior core with a first rough formwork and screwed the subconstruction onto the floor. Especially the screwing overhead was tiring on the arms, but the final look we achieved, was really worth the effort! We also started to work on our „material showcase“, which we are very much looking forward to see finished. Finally we started to work on the frontal, exterior wooden slat.

Best, Jennifer and Jonas