Construction Week 4 | Bauwoche 4

Insights into practical processes in the construction industry are an important and enjoyable experience for every student of architecture and civil engineering. We were lucky enough to be involved very closely in the construction of our housing unit in Reuthe. After a day of learning the carpentry processes, we were able to get more and more involved in the work and take over important work steps in the following days. Tasks for this time were the construction of the facade insulation showcase, the installation of the lathing for the clay plaster panels, the final vapor sealing of the HDU and the installation of the truss and the terrace roof. By the time we had to leave Reuthe at the end of the work week, we had become very comfortable with the team and the environment. It was a wonderful time in which we learned a lot about sustainable building and the beauty of timber construction.

Best, Sven and Stephanie