Construction Week 5 | Bauwoche 5

In the last few weeks, one part of our team was involved in the construction of our HDU in Reuthe each week. Together with the employees of the carpentry Kaufmann we have dragged, drilled and screwed. The untreated wood was planed, cut and sanded. Every day, countless screws were sunk into the wood of the HDU and the cordless screwdriver virtually became the extension of our arms. Our backs and knees were already hurting after the first day and getting up early didn’t make things any easier. But seeing how fast our HDU grows and how the drawings turn into an almost finished building was worth all the effort. After the basic framework was in place after just a few days, we continued with the interior work, installation and finally the finishing touches. In order to document everything exactly and also to keep the rest of the team up to date, we filmed and photographed from all perspectives. And after the work was done, we could enjoy the beautiful nature of the Vorarlberg and finally put our feet up.

Best, Saskia and Michelle