Construction Week 6 | Bauwoche 6

The sixth construction week was all about new surfaces. After the substructure for the interior was installed in construction week 5, this week we were able to cut the clay building panels for the walls to fit exactly and attach them. This has already completely changed the appearance of the interior room and for the first time we could really get an impression of the living space. Shortly thereafter, the clay plates were already covered with the base plaster, which again underlined this impression. Also on the roof there was a surface renewal. The work on the roofing has begun. The infills, in which our PVT collectors will be integrated, were covered with recycled copper sheet. The north and east facades have also been worked on at full speed. Both facades are coated with stretched re-use truck canvases. The blue truck canvas symbolizes the intersection where we separate our unit from the overall design. This week we also had a visit from two camera teams, who are filming a short report about our project and circular building construction.

We are very happy to see the further progress. And we can’t wait to see our unit again in Wuppertal!

Best, Ben and Michi.