Construction Week 7 | Bauwoche 7

The seventh week of construction started directly with a video shoot. Subsequently, we continued to expand the interior. After the floor had already been filled with clay panels in the previous weeks, the flooring could now be laid. One part was covered with ash wood in different widths and lengths to take advantage of the entire trunk of the tree. The remaining areas got a scrap wood flooring. At the same time, the kitchen furniture was built in the carpentry workshop. The fronts of the kitchen cabinets are made of plastic panels, which were produced from recycled yogurt cups.

From the middle of the week, we first planed the substructure of the facade and then painted it several times. For the painting we used a biodegradable mushroom paint, so that the wood becomes more weather resistant but still remains reusable.

Then, at the end of the week, the heat pump was installed in our core.

It was a very nice experience on the site and I am very much looking forward to the completed HDU.

Best, Katha