Take a look at our delicious sustainable dinner menu!

As sustainability is the main aspect of the RoofKIT design, we also aimed to make this dinner as sustainable as possible, by making it seasonal, regional, vegan, and reducing waste.
Seasonal food that can be grown locally is our main source to create this dinner menu. By consuming locally CO²-emissions can be reduced, local stores are supported, and the products are definitely healthier.
The meat and dairy industry are largely responsible for climate change. Therefore, we chose to use only vegan products, focusing on a variety of vegetables, greens, and fruit in each course.
A first step to reduce the waste produced due to the dinner, we chose the local market as our main source. For products that can’t be found at the market we will shop at the unpackaged store or the organic supermarket.
The dinner is generally aiming to be a simple but tasty meal that one would share with friends and family in their homes as well.

For preparing the event phase in Wuppertal we had some team dinner parties to test the menus. We used the little break from our current D6 preparations for some team building time with delicious food.