How do we build in the future?

This question is a fundamental part of our project approach. To get attention for our project and to raise awareness for the topics of the future development of the building sector and to call attention to the SDE21/22 competition in May/June 2022 in Wuppertal, we started a Social Awareness Action:

A few weeks ago, the mobility structure in Karlsruhe changed. We got an underground! Above-ground trams now run underground along the main street in Karlsruhe (Kaiserstraße). This has resulted in the rail space being taken up by pedestrians, allowing the street to develop into a more lively, quality pedestrian zone. We took the opportunity to start a spray chalk campaign on these spaces as a social awareness action. It involved spraying our logo, the link to our channels and the main question “How do we build in the future“ to raise interest, on different surfaces in the urban space.

With spreading awareness to the connection between the environment and future construction, we hope to inspire others to develop similar projects like our design for the SDE21 in other contexts.

Why sprayed chalk? It’s environmentally friendly, easy to wash off, temporary and simply something different. With this, we want to sensitize people to sustainability and arouse their interest.